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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

Winners of the CEPS Volunteers Award meet with main sponsor Vijay Patel

2 February, 2017


Mrs Rose-Mary Elizabeth and Mrs Marie-Nella Azemia, both winners of the CEPS Volunteers Award have met with Mr Vijay Patel in a meeting this morning.


The delegation being led by CEPS Chairman, Mr Jules Hoareau had three objectives during the meeting. The first was to thank Mr Patel for recognising volunteers and for sponsoring the award programme. The second objective was to present to Mr Patel the 2017 projects being planned by the ambassadors. These they explained included the “CEPS Youth Volunteers Programme” which aims to encourage young people to become volunteers and to join associations accredited with CEPS, a programme scheduled to be launched in June this year. The second project will target various institutions whereby the ambassadors will promote volunteerism to citizens of all ages.


The ambassadors also shared the different works they are carrying out individually. Mrs Rose-Mary Elizabeth, first prize winner shared that she chose to give some of her prize with her organisation as equipments required updating. She shared that the award has allowed both herself and Mrs Azemia to meet with President Danny Faure and that she had taken the opportunity during the meeting to lobby for a women’s shelter, a home that could welcome women facing difficulties especially those facing domestic abuse.




On her part, Mrs Azemia shared that she had chosen to share her second prize winnings with the elderly, treating them to a trip during the festive season. On her part, she expressed that she has opted to work with a group of recently released prisoners and that she has been invited to lead a programme that aims to help them reintegrate in society.


As passion, both ambassadors promote peace, therefore the discussion focused greatly on the kind of peace being envisioned in Seychelles in comparison to that of some parts of the world. Mr Patel expressed that this is a topic that greatly interests him spoke passionately about how he feels the peace initiative can be applied to the Seychelles context. Through the discussion, Mr Patel expressed he sees the family issue and political issues as the two main sources infringing on peace building in the country.


Mr. Patel suggested that in line with the ambassador’s one passion that they have in common that they also take on the challenge of promoting peace at these two levels – a challenge our ambassadors are willing to take on.


To not that, Mr Patel has committed to sponsor the CEPS Volunteers Award for a second time this year.

Winners of the CEPS Volunteers Award meet with main sponsor Vijay Patel
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