Women’s parliamentary caucus engages with Ceps

The meeting between the WPC and Ceps

The Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) last week met with the chief executive of the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (Ceps), Alvin Laurence, and its chairperson, Françoise Larue.

Representing the WPC were its chairperson Regina Esparon, vice-chairperson Audrey Vidot, Hon. Sylvanne Lemiel, Hon. Desheila Bastienne, Hon. Doyace Porice, Hon. Flory Larue; committee secretaries – Florette Monaie and Samia Lebon, and Denise Johnny as assistant secretary.

The main aim of the meeting was for the WPC to gain a better understanding of Ceps engagement with the general public, the mechanisms available for the civil society groups that fall under the purview of Ceps, and the objectives of the groups currently engaged in bringing the causes of women and children forward.

The NGOs affiliated with Ceps vary greatly and include: Faith-based groups such as the Everlasting Love Ministry, whose mission includes the education of youth regarding moral values; Entrepreneurial groups such as Women in Action and Solidarity (Waso), whose mission is the creation and development of a strong empowered network of Seychelles women living in unfortunate circumstances; and sectoral groups such as Nature Seychelles, an environmental NGO championing the restoration of ecosystems and the reduction of the levels of critically-endangered bird species in Seychelles, among many others.

The WPC and Ceps discussed future collaborations for the betterment of society and the promotion of key issues under the scrutiny of both parties. It was agreed that future meetings and joint activities would be organised, in conjunction with a variety of NGOs.

Women’s parliamentary caucus engages with Ceps
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