Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

EU PROJECT 2016 – 2017

The CEPS Project funded by the EU ‘Building capacity for citizens participation in the democratic process and good governance in Seychelles' was officially launched in August 2016. Two of CEPS’ members, the ‘Association of Rights, Information and Democracy’ and ‘Citizens Democracy Watch Seychelles’ are co applicants on this project. Representatives of the association forms part of the project steering committee under the leadership of the CEPS Commissioner for Gender, Rights and Governance.

This one year project, aims at to developing the capacity of CEPS and its members to engage more effectively in the democratic process. Through the project, the electorates are to be empowered so that as voters they are able to make informed decision.

As a civil society platform, CEPS has the role of watchdog and is the voice of citizens. Therefore, it needs to ensure that the country’s electoral reform is implemented to the fullest. As the watchdog, CEPS has the role of monitoring the implementation of recommendations made by different stakeholders at national & international level. On the basis of the above, a consensus is built in the framework of CEPs on:

(i) The need to undertake a comprehensive civic education programme, by further educating voters on the electoral system and improve awareness and understanding of human rights, good governance and democracy;

(ii) The need for capacity building of local observers;

(iii) The need to educate and sensitize political parties on good governance issues.


The Project

The overall objective of the project is to increase fairness, transparency and civic participation of citizens in the democratic elections process in Seychelles. More specifically, the project aims at (i) building civic awareness and capacity in order to ensure civic participation; and (ii) increasing fairness, ethics and transparency in the electoral process via civic education and training.

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The Project Activities

1. Organise civic education awareness and training sessions in the community including on the inner islands.

2. Produce and publicise educational spots articles and programmes on national radio, television and newspapers.

3. Offer a refresher training course for 50 election observers

4. Training of an additional 50 election observers as a resource for both local and regional use

5. Educational Session/Training of political party

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