Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


CEPS is governed by a Board of Directors, of which four are office bearers and seven commissioners. All eleven are elected by the General Assembly for a three-year mandate. The Board of Directors is the decision making body of CEPS and is responsible to the General Assembly (NGO members) for implementation of the decisions, regulations and other programs.

The Commission is a legal component of CEPS as per Article 8 of the CEPS Constitution. The Commission comprises of accredited members of CEPS.

The Commissions provide a common meeting ground for collective dialogue (Forum), collaboration and action by CSOs. The Commissions provide civil society representation   at national, regional and international levels as and when required by CEPS Board.

  • Objective of the Commission:
  1. Provide a forum for CSOs sharing information and experiences regarding key issues.
  2. To provide information and advice to CEPS Board, partners and stakeholders.
  3. To promote networking.
  4. To strengthen collaborative action.
  5.  To ensure effective use of resources.
  6. To provide for  representation of the combined interest of Civil Society  nationally and internationally


The 7 Commissions

Currently CEPS comprises a network of 72 accredited organisations which are categorized into seven thematic commissions according to areas of common interests operating within a given sector of intervention. The classification of CEPS Accredited Members are as follows:


Commission of Faith-Based Organisations
Commission of Professional Organisation
Social, Education and Health Commission
Gender, Rights & Good Governance Commission
Youth, Culture, Sports Commission
Socio-Economic Commission


CEPS board may mandate   Commissioners to represent CEPS in meetings/committees/boards both at local regionally and international level.  The Commissioner, in agreement with CEPS and Commission members may confer the representative role to another individual.

The structure of Commissions are as follows:

  • 5 Key Office Bearers:The Commission elects amongst its core members individuals that will facilitate the work of the Commission up to a period of 3 years. No person shall serve in the same position for more than three consecutive terms.
  • Should the representative of a Core Member be elected as a KOB of a Commission he/she shall not be eligible to be elected KOB within another Commission.
  • Interest Members, upon acceptance into the Interest Group of the Commission, shall not be entitled to be elected as a KOB and shall have no right to vote. In the case were not enough Core Members are available to fill the KOB positions, CEPS Board shall be consulted about Interest Member’s eligibility to be Key Office Bearers. This shall be granted on a case by case basis based on criteria that is fair and productive to the functioning of the Commission.

Key Office Bearer Roles and Functions:

  • The Key office bearers shall play the following roles:
  • Commissioner (elected from the nominated core group)
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Secretary – Administration (Organizing meetings, minutes, etc )
  • Treasurer (Financial Matters)

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