Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


What is CEPS?

CEPS is an NGO, legally registered as an association. CEPS networks with over 70 civil society organisations Seychelles. CEPS is recognized as the national platform for NGOs in Seychelles.

How does CEPS operate?

What is its role?
The role of CEPSS is essentially to provide a collaborative and networking platform for CSOs in Seychelles, thus fulfilling its vision of; “Citizens are fully engaged in the development of Seychelles”. It operates through Thematic Commissions, a Board of Directors and Secretariat staff.

Can I attend AGM even if I’m not an accredited member?

You may make a request to attend as an observer.

What services does CEPS offer?
  • Accreditation services.
  • Civil society database systems.
  • Networking services.
  • Technical advisory services
  • Collaboration platform.
How is CEPS funded?

CEPS is non-profit. CEPSS has 3 main funding sources. Members pay subscriptions. Government facilitates Tax payer money contributions, by providing CEPS with an administrative grant. Donors may fund some specific programs, of which NGOs are the principal beneficiaries.

How often is CEPS AGM?

CEPS holds an AGM annually, and elects it’s Board Members every 3 years.

Why should I become accredited to CEPS?
  • If you are interested in:
  • Local and international networking,
  • Receiving various forms of pertinent, timely and opportunistic information,
  • Receiving accreditation from a recognized organisation,
  • Tapping into opportunities to build capacity,
  • Accessing the knowledge resource of a civil society think tank,
  • Working in collaboration with other organizations.
  • Many organizations embassies and even Government come to CEPS to seek a third party reference on CSOS operating in Seychelles. Being an accredited member of CEPS might sometimes be a useful factor to project partnering with other organizations.
Are there any obligations as an accredited member?

CEPS promotes high standards and benchmarks, which are essential for Civil Society. Members must annually provide a copy of their audited accounts, AGM minutes and list of members.

Are all members allowed to vote at the AGM election?

Yes, as long as the CSO is in good standing with your membership particulars

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