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Legend Foundation assists former central defender and referee Gonzague Boniface

Mr Woodcock handing over the cheque to Mr Boniface in the presence of Ceps’ chief executive Alvin Laurence and members of the Legend Foundation

As part of its vision to support and make a difference by giving back to former football players, the Legend Foundation yesterday handed over a cheque to former Plaisance and Seychelles international central defender and referee Gonzague Boniface, to support his medical expenses.

The fund was collected during the foundation’s second activity which was a charity match between Mahé legends and their counterparts from the inner island.

It was executive committee member of the Legend Foundation Jude Woodcock who presented Mr Boniface with his cheque during a small ceremony at the Roche Caïman Beach Soccer Arena, in the presence of chairman Don Anacoura, chief executive of the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (Ceps) Alvin Laurence, along with other members of the foundation.

For its second activity, the Legend Foundation partnered with Ceps, of which it is an affiliated member, to come up with the inaugural National Day Cup which will now be part of the National Day calendar of activities.

It was the inner island legends coached by Roderick Rose who won the inaugural cup, defeating the Mahé side, coached by Jeris Cesar, assisted by Ulric ‘Keker’ Mathiot, 2-1, thanks to a brace by Didi, after the Mahé legends had taken an early lead through Alpha Baldé.

Handing over the cheque, Mr Woodcock noted that the gesture is to thank and honour Mr Boniface for his great contributions, both as a player and official, at club, country and international level.

He thanked the former defender and referee for being a role model, inspiration, as well as motivation for younger players since he was described as a ‘no non-sense‘ player and official.

On his part, Mr Boniface thanked the foundation for its assistance and equally everyone who turned up on match day to make the event a success.

Founded last year, the Legend Foundation is an engaged community for the recognition and well-being of past legendary Seychellois football players, by conducting charitable activities for charity purposes for past football players.

The objective of the foundation is to encourage sportsmanship and recognition beyond competitive sports, while creating a platform to bring along former football players

It also supports projects to make a difference and give back to former football players.

In its first activity last year, the foundation assisted ex- St Louis and Seychelles international player Vincent ‘Tolor’ Dorasamy with a substantial monetary contribution towards his medical expenses.

Below are the players who took part in the second charity match hosted by the Legend Foundation.

The Mahé Legends: Nelson Sopha, Vincent Confait, Egbert Havelock, Marius Bamboche, Jerris Nourice, Alex Labiche, Godfrey Denis, Steve Sanders, Danny Cesar, Lorenzo Mathiot, Marcel Labiche, Gerald Gonthier, Senville Tirant, Garry Robert, Robert Morel, Paul Khan, Roy Julie, Alpha Baldé, George Ravinia, Philip Zialor, Alain Jean, Michel Renaud, Roger Labonte, George Cesar, Cyril Créa, Steven Constance, Roddy Victor, Brian Ravinia, Kenneth Lozaique, Marcel Labiche, Andrew Jean-Louis (players) Jeris Cesar (coach), Ulric Mathiot (assistant coach).

The Inner Island Legends: Philip Battin, Claude Battin, Francis Zialor, Jean-François Dora, Jonas Esther, Didier Suzette, Jude Ladouce, Simon Rose, Vincent Bresson, Wilfred Fanchette, Didi, Verna Rose, Dan Rose, Christopher Poris, Clifford Joubert, Jeremie Waye-Hive, Jude Bibi, José Pillay, Albert Ladouceur, Etienne Fanchette, Rocky Uranie, Bruno Saindini, Colin Brioche, Andy Rath, Andy Ernesta, Ricky Rose, David Dorby, Juel Ah-Kong (players), Roderick Rose (coach).

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Legend Foundation assists former central defender and referee Gonzague Boniface
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