CEPS present Minister of Environment with the complimentary Project for Cap Ternay.

1 February, 2017


Representatives from the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (CEPS) has presented the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change with copies of the complimentary project documents for the Cap Ternay site. This presentation was done as part of a meeting that took place between the two bodies.



CEPS was represented by its Chairman Mr Jules Hoareau, accompanied by the CEPS Commissioner for Environment & Natural Resources, Dr Marie-Therese Purvis, CEPS Programmes & Events Manager, Mr Michel Pierre and the CEPS Communication & Membership Manager Ms Tessa Henderson. Representatives from the ministry included Minister Didier Dogley, Principal Secretary Alain De Commarmond and Mr. Flavien Joubert, Chief Executive of the Seychelles National Parks Authority.




It was the Chairman of CEPS and Commissioner Purvis who presented Minister Dogley with copies of the document. Following a brief presentation on the three reports that constitutes into one that the Minister Dogley encouraged CEPS to share the contents of the report with other stakeholders. P.S De Commarmond expressed that he really liked the idea ideas put forward through the report and that the contents of the report could contribute toward the current policy on reserves and protected areas.




Minister Dogley attended the meeting held in April 2015 when CEPS formally met with governmental representatives to officially discuss CEPS’ view on the original plans for Cap Ternay.  The Minister and his team was therefore very impressed with the fact that CEPS not only drafted a report on the projects that would compliment governments own plans for the site, but two other documents additional reports. One of the documents details the historical aspects of the site and the other provides details of alternative sites that can be considered for the hotel project, originally planned for the Cap Ternay site.

CEPS present Minister of Environment with the complimentary Project for Cap Ternay.
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