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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

Two New Partners Sign up to Support the CEPS Volunteer of the Year Award

16 November 2016



Constance Ephilia Resort and Air Seychelles are CEPS’s new partners for the CEPS Volunteer of the Year Award.
The two new partners signed their pledges this morning, in a short ceremony at the Constance Ephilia Resort. The ceremony was attended by members of the CEPS Volunteer Award Organising Committee and the partners themselves.
Constance Ephilia will be hosting the Volunteer Award and the VolunteerBall on the 07th of December.


Air Seychelles has pledged two return tickets, to any of the airline’s destination, to the winner and second runner up.
In his opening address, the Managing Director of Constance Ephelia, Mr Kai Hoffmeidter expressed that it was a pleasure for the Resort to be hosting such an event as the Ephila Hotel chain recognizes the impact that volunteerism has on the community and country.




On behalf of Air Seychelles, the Manager of Corporate Communications of Air Seychelles, Mrs Josie Michaud-Payet expressed that while it was the first time that such an event is being organised to recognise volunteers, the national Airline has always been an ardent supporter of volunteers and the work they do at grass root level.


The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority is one of the few entities that encourage volunteerism amongst staff members. In line with the culture instilled within the authority, the SCAA has partnered with CEPS and is sponsoring the production and broadcast of all the videos to aired during the award ceremony. Representatives of the authority are not able to join us this morning. Nevertheless, the authority was acknowledged and thanked for supporting the award.




It is the first time ever, that CEPS organise a Volunteers Awards. This year, the platform is seeking to recognise volunteers of its member organisations.
CEPS wish to recognize these individuals, their contributions and in turn promote volunteerism at national level. Up to now, no such recognition exists within the civil society or at national level.
Vijay Construction is the major partner behind the award ceremony. The event is being scheduled to start at 6pm and the ball to follow soon after.

Two New Partners Sign up to Support the CEPS Volunteer of the Year Award
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