Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

CEPS Message to Commemorate the International Day Of Peace

21 September 2016


United Nations’ International day of Peace is a commemoration of peace and solidarity to humanity. On this occasion people come together in spirit and action to promote peace.


On this occasion CEPS is calling on all citizens to strengthen the ideals of peace. “Now more than ever we need to unite and pull together as a nation, I am calling on both political and religious leaders to advocate and promote the values of peace and tolerance. It takes more than just words and actions to do that; we must live and believe in the values of unity, harmony and love, for without these there’s no lasting peace. I therefore urge all citizens to make a special effort in promoting a culture of peace and love in our families and our communities’’


Peace keeping is everyone’s business and we must nurture the values of peace. As we celebrate peace today we have to be mindful of the consequences of wars and hostilities in the world. With the dawn of a new era in our country’s history, it vital that we maintain our social cohesion and work together in love.


To mark the occasion we encourage citizens to use the white colour as much as possible in support of peace commemoration. We also invite everyone to a special service and signing of the peace pledge at the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception today at 12.15pm.
Let peace be our guiding principle in life.


Jules Hoareau

CEPS Message to Commemorate the International Day Of Peace
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