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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

CEPS Launches the Volunteer of the Year Award

15 September 2016


The platform for civil society in Seychelles, CEPS has officially launched its first volunteer of the year award. The launching took place yesterday at the Cerf Island Resort, on Cerf Island. The launch was hosted by the main sponsor of the award, Vijay Construction.


It was in the presence of CEPS partners, stakeholders and representatives from the various commissions that the Chairman of CEPS Mr. Jules Hoareau launched the award.


There were two highlights for the evening. Mr Vijay Patel surprised all those present by announcing that he was doubling the amount for the first prize from Rs50,000 to Rs100,000. The second surprise announcement was that there will be a runner up who will walk away with Rs50,000. Initially CEPS had announced that there will be only one winner.


Only members of CEPS accredited organisations will be eligible for nomination. CEPS member organisations can nominate one of its own members as well as a member from another organisation, accredited with the platform. The nominee will have to accept the nomination, prior to submission.


The CEPS Credentials Committee has already put forward five nominations for the jury panel. The five individuals are persons of good standing, who are non members of the platform. From all the nominations, the jury is expected to select ten candidates of which, two will walk away with the cash prizes. The names of the jurists will not be revealed until after the nomination process has ended.


The Volunteer of the Year Award was first conceptualized by CEPS predecessor, the Liaison Unit for non-Governmental Organisation, LUNGOS. The work which had been undertaken by the Award Steering Committee of 2013, were taken up by CEPS in July this year through a Coordination committee chaired by the CEPS CEO. CEPS members were presented with the idea at the CEPS members meeting held in August and had the opportunity to propose ideas and amend the concept being proposed.


Nomination for the award has already been opened upon the launching, and will close on the Friday 14th of October. Nomination forms have been circulated to CEPS members via email, and it can also be collected at the CEPS secretariat based on the second floor of Orion Mall. The dully completed forms will have to be delivered physically to the secretariat, whereby it will be placed in a sealed box, under the supervision of the CEPS CEO, Mr Marcel Rosalie.


The selection process will take place between the 16th of October to the 05th of November 2016. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 05th of December, to commemorate Volunteers day.

CEPS Launches the Volunteer of the Year Award
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