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Launching the October value of Determination

02nd October 2015

The National Youth Council (SNYC) in collaboration with CEPS have today launched the October value of DETERMINATION, as part of the Youth Values program. The launching took place at the ground floor of Orion Mall this morning. As part of the activity, non governmental organisations along with CEPS and the SNYC are holding exhibitions, to demonstrate years of achievement as a result of strong determination.

In his welcoming speech, Vice Chairperson of CEPS Mr Jude Fred
recognised that a lot has been done over the years by all organisations present and that had it not for determination they would not have enjoyed success in helping the community and country.

It was Ms Lisa Labiche – Jeux Des Iles and African Championship Gold medal winner who launched the value for this October. Ms Labiche urged mothers not to see motherhood as a obstacle but instead, see children as a form of encouragement when engaging with the community through their various interests. Ms Labiche shared that, out of all the sacrifices she made, the hardest was having to leave her child to pursue her career in sports, but that it was determination that has helped her win the Gold medals dedicated to her child.

The vote of thanks came from the Chief Executive Officer of the SNYC, Mr Alvin Laurence. “Had it not been for determination neither CEPS nor SNYC would have made it to launch our value for October 2015,” he remarked. “Many times we have come to the point of giving up but had it not been for our passion and determination, we would not have made it today to help our communities and country.”

The exhibition will be opened today until 5 pm and will continue from 9 to 12 noon tomorrow, Saturday 03rd of October.

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Launching the October value of Determination
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