Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

The National Show 2015

27th June 2015

The National Show 2015 has officially been opened this morning by Vice President Danny Faure, who is also the Chairman of the National Day committee.

Various sectors are showcasing the works and products at the show, including members of civil society.

The Civil Society stalls are situated opposite the Dojo Complex. 
CEPS as the Platform, is promoting the works it has so far undertaken since its inception in November 2014. CEPS is also promoting services it provides civil society organisations, both its members and non members.

Regrouped under the same stall is the ‘Alternative Project for Cap Ternay’ consultants who are showcasing the flora and fauna of Baie Ternay. People who visit the stall are also being given the opportunity not only leave messages but to fill in a questionnaire that gives the public an opportunity to give their alternative vision for Baie Ternay. Children are also sharing their vision through drawings.

The Civil society stall is also being occupied by National Consumers Forum and Women in Action and Solidarity Organisation.

Other civil society organisations present are Seychelles Pet Haven, SSPCA, Youth For Christ Seychelles, SCOUTS. All Environmental NGOs are all grouped together and they include Sustainability for Seychelles, Plant Conservation Action Group, Island Conservation Society, Wild Life Club, Green Islands Foundation and Marine Conservation Society – amongst others.

The National Show will be opened until 4pm on Monday 29th of June 2015

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The National Show 2015
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