26th March 2015

The Focal point for the civilian component for East Africa Stand by Force (EASF) Mrs. Colette Servina is organizing a meeting with all civilian trained in the presence of the Defence Attaché Colonel George Adeline on Monday 30th March 2015 at 4:30pm at the CEPS .

LUNGOS / CEPS members have attended the various training for EASF, therefore you are being urged to pass on this information to all your members and past members who have attended training for the EASF, so that they can come attend this meeting meeting.

Please make a special effort to attend as this will be an opportunity to address any issues relating to Civilian and the way forward with EASF. Kindly confirm your attendance no later than Friday 27th March 2015. Any additional information you might need do not hesitate to contact Karine Ernesta on mobile number 2520210 or Mrs. Colette Servina on office number 4374544.   Eastern Africa Logo