Twenty-Six Youth meets with President

24th March 2015

Twenty six youth met with the President of the republic of Seychelles.

The meeting was in recognition of the 28 youth featuring in a Publication that will showcase 28 Youth that are making a difference in Seychelles.

The project is a youth initiative in relation with the “A young Commonwealth Theme” of the year 2015.

The Youth Culture & Sports Commissioner for CEPS Wavel Woodcock was invited together with the 28 to meet with the president. The YCS Commission worked in partnership with SNYA to promote and advertised the project within the civil society and was one of the Jury who choose the 28 out of 46 applications. The aim of the project was to choose & recognize Youth who are making a difference in the country.

The Project is now being implemented in all commonwealth countries. 10 of the Youth will feature on the extra duty- Voices of Youth is a platform for UNICEF. The Queen welcomed the Project.

The Criteria for the 28 was based upon:

1. What positive impact has the person made for Seychelles and for Seychellois?
2. Is there anything innovative/new about what has been achieved?
3. Is there anything outstanding/noteworthy about what has been accomplished?
4. Will the achievement benefit Seychelles and future generations?

Commissioner Woodcock has shared that “It was a challenging task choosing 28 out of the many applications submitted to feature in the publication. It was also interesting and fascinating to discover how many gifted and talented people we have in Seychelles doing so much, many of them out of the limelight. As the Youth, Culture & Sports Commissioner for CEPS, It was truly a pleasure and a privilege to play a role in the first of such publications. We are the future, let us build it together.



Twenty-Six Youth meets with President
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