The campaign project for Cap Ternay

15th January 2015



The Commissioner for Environment & Natural Resources of CEPS, Dr Marie-Therese Purvis has today sought support from the CEPS Board, for a campaign aimed at providing an alternative vision for Cap Ternay. The campaign project is aimed at building awareness, with the Developers, Government Officials, and the local, regional and international communities, about the extraordinary nature of Cap Ternay in order to enlist their support for its protection, restoration, and valorisation.
The CEPS Board is leading and fully backing the campaign, which will hopefully take place over the next 6 months. CEPS, as the national platform for civil society in Seychelles wishes to engage its membership in protecting and enhancing the viability of the Baie Ternay Marine Park, an area of exceptional value for biodiversity conservation.
On Thursday 18th of December a civil society meeting was held to decide on a strategy for continued advocacy regarding Cap Ternay development project.
At the meeting, information and views of civil society organizations were gathered on this issue and those present came up with a presentation/civil society stand, part of which was to launch the campaign.

Mrs. PurvisCap Ternary Project

The campaign project for Cap Ternay
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