18th January 2015


The representative of CEPS on the National Consultative Forum, Mr Jude Fred on Saturday met with the Executive Committee of the Association of Media Practitioners Seychelles (AMPS). The meeting was organised leading up to the first High Level Forum meeting to be held for this year, where the topic of discussion will be the media.

Issues brought up in the meeting included the need for SBC and Nissa to be entirely independent, the need for Government to recognize that the media can generate news and not always the other way around, that all media houses should be invited for Government Department press conferences, a need to harmonies laws that governs the media in Seychelles and the need to conduct an audience survey and drafting of an access to information law for the country.

In his announcement during his National Day Address of the creation of a high level forum, President James Michel said, “Consultations are the key to national unity. Consultations assist government in making good decisions. Through consultations democracy emerges victorious.”

AMPS Executive committee has welcomed the Consultative Forum’s decision to talk about the media and hopes that the points shared are taken into consideration and implemented for the betterment of the Seychelles media industry .



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