Youth Empowerment Sessions

4th December 2014


The Association Light Amidst My Path (LAMP) has this week been organising youth empowerment sessions. One such session took place at the CEPS Conference room. Mr Benjamin Hoareau was the facilitator for the motivational session, being held on the day. Mr Colbert Nourrice has been working with the group, empowering them with skills that will permit them to express themselves through art, poems and other modes of expression. This skills Development Programme is being funded by Barclays Bank.The project is being conducted in line with LAPM’s objectives which include raise awareness and promote the rights and responsibilities of delinquents with the aim of making them independent and self resilient. LAMP also seeks to provide assistance and guidance to enable them to appreciate a second chance at a new life in a structured and supportive environment.

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Youth Empowerment Sessions
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