Today 1st December 2014 is World AIDS Day. Let today be the day where each and every one of us truly reflect on:

• Our lifestyle, our health, our behavior, our needs, our fear.

• Our way of thinking, our decisions, our choices, our conclusions.
• Our policy environment.

In solidarity let us show and give our support to:
• those who are grieving the loss of their loved one because of AIDS
• those who are living in fear of AIDS
• those who are living with HIV
• those who are more vulnerable and most at risks
• those who are affected, stigmatized, marginalized and discriminated
• those who are being denied their rights
• those who are involving and exposing themselves to harm
• those who fear to access service
• those who do not know their status yet
• those who are still young and depend on us





“Close the Gap”- this theme is very clear. In Seychelles, we know where the gap is and we know we can close that Gap if we focus, partner and leave no-one behind.

Together, we can achieve an AIDS-free Seychelles by 2030.

On this day, let us remember our dear brothers and sisters who have left this world because of AIDS.
In the loving memory of our Seychellois brothers and sisters who have died since the start of year because of AIDS. Please let us have a moment in silence in their respect…..

Ronny Arnephy- CEPS Social. Health and Education Commissioner

Red Ribbon


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