Monday 1st December 2014

World Aids Day

Every 1st of December we celebrate “World Aids Day” and every year there are calls and invitations to people across the globe, of different backgrounds and cultures, to pause amidst their busy lifestyle and to reflect on what this disease actually does to millions of people around the world. Hiv/Aids does not choose its victims based on colour, race, culture or status. As the saying goes “if you are not infected you are affected”. Hiv/Aids affect us all. We should make it our duty to join in the fight against HIV/Aids every day. 

World Aids Day is fundamentally a call to make Aids-defining diseases something personal. It is understandable that the terrible statistics numb the mind, but each statistic represents a unique human being, with feelings, hopes, struggles and dreams. That is why on World Aids Day, wherever we are, let us ask ourselves: what can I do to be part of a world community that will touch the lives of people living and dying with Aids-defining diseases? How do I help make them experience hope, healing and compassion.

Today as we commemorate world Aids day, let us reflect on the life style youths of Seychelles, one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. We are seeing a change in their sexual behaviors and this is putting them at risk. What was once considered as taboo has become the norm among the youths of today. As a country we need to come together, be it Non-Governmental Organisations, Faith Based Organisations, Government and Business community. Let us to join hands now in the fight against HIV/ Aids. Doing it tomorrow might be too late. 

The Everlasting Love Ministry would like to strengthen our commitment in the fight against HIV/Aids. We take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all those youth, men and women that are doing their very best to help our country and the rest of the world, to face this disease.

Jude Fred
Everlasting Love Ministry

Everlasting Love Ministry