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HIV AIDS Support Organisation World Aids Day Message

World AIDS Day 2014 

Message by Chairperson of HASO- Mr Justin Freminot.

On the occasion of the World AIDS Day 2014, HASO is joining together with every stakeholder to highlight once again the importance of the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic and soliciting the willingness of everyone to recommit ourselves to sensitization, prevention and the best care possible for those already infected and affected.

HIV/AIDS is an ominous and insidious epidemic that can and will destroy our society, if we are not careful. Statistics show that the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is continuing to increase in our country with mostly our young and productive people being infected.
This rise is reason for concern, and we have to adjust our methods of dealing with it to match its progression.

We should all be engaged in the fight against HIV-AIDS which is a fight for freedom. We need to fight to bring infection to zero so we can have HIV-free generations. We should take leadership in this fight if we want to achieve the target set by UNAIDS to free the world of HIV by 2030.
We need to free people infected with HIV or living with AIDS from the stigmas which too often are more unbearable than the disease itself. We need to free those uninfected from their prejudices which so much hurt those who are infected.

Leadership calls upon us all to articulate and work for the vision of a Seychelles with no further development of the disease- a Seychelles where no new cases are being contracted and the human rights of all to health care and safety are respected. 

HASO is calling for the support of every one concerned to take this fight into new dimensions where the realities of the drivers of the epidemic are leading us, willingly or unwillingly.
Today, there is no doubt that “Harm Reduction” among the most vulnerable members of our society is a “Battle Cry”. A battle cry that must resonate loudly and clearly to all. A battle cry that we must heed for our own sake. – for those who are uninfected to remain so and, those who are already infected to also listen, hear and attend to this battle cry, use all facilities at your disposal so as you remain healthy and to protect your loved ones.
Let us join forces and rid off HIV in our country

HIV AIDS Support Organisation

HIV AIDS Support Organisation World Aids Day Message
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