02 September 2014


The Unit for Non-Governmental Organisations (LUNGOS) has for the past 25 years worked and supported Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) working in the field of social and economic empowerment. Over the years, these NGOs have benefited from project funding, Government subsidies and have had the opportunity to collaborate with other NGOs and key partners. These have enabled them to touch far more lives in our society. Many of the NGOs that are targeting the vulnerable groups are themselves in a state of vulnerability to failure in accurately addressing the needs of the community, as they lack the proper project management skills and resources to maximise the use of donor funds to make any meaningful impact within their area of intervention. Numerous studies and workshops in Seychelles have confirmed this fact and are especially highlighted in a study done for the 9th EDF, by STEPS consulting.

To address this weakness, in late 2013 LUNGOS wrote a project to the US Embassy seeking to further increase and strengthen the capacity for civil society organisations. Through the project, LUNGOS aimed at mobilising resources, allow NGOs to network with each other and as a result reduce duplication and waste. The aim was also to create synergy in delivering projects with similar social themes and objective, while creating momentum to harmonise social delivery activities and strategies. The project was written in the hope of creating momentum towards motivating, energising and sustaining national social campaigns geared to addressing the needs of the vulnerable within the community.


The project was successfully approved by the US EMBASSY and the legal documents were signed by the Project Manager of LUNGOS Mr. Michel Pierre at the end of AUGUST.


LUNGOS Project Manager Mr Michel Pierre signing the agreement.



The project, consisting of a series of capacity building training, will start this September.


The objectives of the project is

  1. To develop the capacity of NGO’s in the areas of advocacy, social marketing and, networking to achieve higher level of impact in the
  • HIV/Aids programme
  • Gender
  • Social renaissance
  • Socio-economic
  • Environmental
  • Rights and governance
  • Social corporate responsibilitiesLUNGOS Project Manager Mr Michel Pierre signing the agreement.LUNGOS Secretariat meeting to discuss the training sessions.
  1. To provide an opportunity for the NGO’s to network with each other and share ideas and experiences to enhance the effectiveness of their programme delivery in the above field
  1. To equip them with the necessary skills to engage policy makers.

 LUNGOS Secretariat meeting to discuss the training sessions.

The training contents and dates are as follows;

 All trainings consist of two sessions of 6 hours of contact time each, from 09am to 12 noon and 1pm to 15.30pm will be conducted in both Creole & English. The training schedule are as follows:

  1. Advocacy & Lobbying 11 – 12th September 2014

The aim is to train members of NGO’s to be successful advocates and lobbyists for their NGOs, its key beneficiaries and the general area / sector in which they operate.


  1. Social marketing 25 – 26th September 2014

The aim is to train NGO’s to be successful social marketers for their members and key beneficiaries. The NGO members should be able to develop promotional campaigns targeting improved control over health and improved health behavior’s.


  1. Project  writing and Implementation and 9 – 10 October 2014

The aim is to train members of NGO’s to be successful Project Managers and Coordinators. The participants will learn how to write and implement projects, with particular attention to management issues, monitoring and evaluation.


  1. Report writing and minutes meeting 23 – 24th October 2014

The aim is to train members of NGO’s to be successful project reporter by writing good and proper format project report and learn how to write standard minutes of meetings.



Registration fee per training is at R 250 per participants which include lunch.

Registration deadline is Monday 8th September 2014. For clarification and payment kindly contact Mrs Agnielle Payet at LUNGOS Tel: 4325550


To enroll for the training courses, please contact Mrs. Agnielle Payet on 4325550/52 or E-mail on [email protected]




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