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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

International Physiotherapy Day 2014 – Schedule of Activities starting this weekend

05 September 2014

On September the 8th of 2014 the Seychelles Physiotherapy team will be joining fellow Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists all over the world in celebration of their unique profession with the theme “ Fit To Take Part”.

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The schedule of our activities is as follows

 Saturday 06th of September:

–         Outreach in Victoria – meeting with the public and handing out information documents.

–         Massage Sessions between 12 noon – 3 pm at LUNGOS Conference room.

 Monday 08th of September:

–         Slot in ‘Bonzour Sesel’ on SBC Television.

–         Health kiosk at Yellow Roof, Seychelles Hospital – Exhibition and meeting with the public.

Friday 12th September:


–         Lunch for all physiotherapy staff.

The Seychelles Physiotherapy Association has been registered since 2009 and it became an accredited  with LUNGOS in 2012. The aims and objectives of the association are to:

1.        To propose to the Government, the formation and implementation of a Physiotherapy Council.

2.        To maintain the honor, safeguard and promote the interests of the members in the exercise of the Physiotherapy profession.

3.        To set standard for the quality control of physiotherapy in use in this country(in liaison with International Control Organisation) to safeguard the interest of the patient.

4.        To ensure absolute respect for the Physiotherapy Code of Ethics.

5.        To promote and ensure a high standard of Physiotherapy care is provided in the Seychelles Health Care System.

6.        To promote the professional advancement, and interest of its members in all field e.g. through continuing education programme.

7.        To become a member or establish link with other physiotherapy bodies worldwide for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the association.

8.        To promote the dissemination of physiotherapy education and the application of the physiotherapy knowledge.

9.        To raise, manage and invest the fund of the S.P.A

10.      To uphold the laws and regulations relating to physiotherapy and to propose amendments to the current laws and regulation for the benefits of the patients/physiotherapist.

11.      To provide a mean of consultation and free exchange of information among members and to promote their mutual interest.

12.      To defend the legal rights of the members.

For more information and clarification please call the Association Chairperson Mrs. Mevis Telemaque on telephone Number: 2520121

International Physiotherapy Day 2014 – Schedule of Activities starting this weekend

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