Deaf TV reaching out to Seychelles NGO.

04 July 2014


Deaf TV (DTV) of South Africa are the the organizers of the Zwakala (to be heard in zulu) drama competition for deaf schools in Africans.
This year they have invited Seychelles through the NGO Association with People with Hearing Impairment to be part of this project. DTV were in Seychelles to do a workshop to train local trainers of how to organise a local competition.

The 9th edition will be held in Johannesburg between the 27th to 31st October. APHI’s Chairperson Mrs Anita Gardner has confirmed Seychelles participation. She stated that “We will be ready with a group to travel. We will participate in a drama story about our history and also mime and dance.”

DTV makes programmes for the Deaf by the deaf, the focus being put on focus on deaf culture and deaf pride, heightening deaf awareness among all communities. DTV have travelled the world extensively during the past 8 years, expanding the interests of our Deaf community to other countries.

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Deaf TV reaching out to Seychelles NGO.

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