29 November 2013


Participants of the “Good Governance” programme which took place between 2012 to 2013 have today received their certificates. The courses were attended by participants that are current, future and potential leaders of NGOS. Some of participants completed modules and some the whole course.

The funding to run the courses came from the 10th European Development Fund. For this LUNGOS CEO, Mr Steve Lalande thanked the EU for their investment in Seychelles. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acted as focal point for coordinating the 10th EDF program. Seychelles Institute of Management (SIM), now School of Business Management (SBM) hosted the course and produced a manual which can now be used again with future participants.

Mrs Carolus –Andre, Mr Roland Alcindor and Miss Mole of UNDP were efficient in making all of this happen. The team has been supportive and guided LUNGOS when necessary.

The last activity under the programme, was a Reports Writing Course which ended today.
During his speech, LUNGOS CEO Mr Steve Lalande told the participants, “You are now empowered. We do look upon you to guide your NGOs in doing the right things on a practical level.”


Participants of the “GOOD GOVERNANCE PROGRAMME” with their certificate

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