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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

Legal Framework Review

The review of the legal framework for Non-State Actors is a component of the National Capacity Building Project for State and Non-State Actors Programme (which, in turn, is part of the European Commission-Seychelles Cooperation Programmes under the 9th EDF).  The review is aimed at enabling NSAs to operate more effectively and to participate to a greater extent in policy dialogue and decision-making in the country.
Non-state actors (NSA), such as civil society organisations(CSOs) and the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) still lack the competences and financial capability to ensure a sustainable provision of social services. The reinforcement of these organizations – through targeted training, increased collaboration among themselves, and the establishment of an enhanced legal framework – is considered an important means to increase their capacity in assisting vulnerable groups.  Such collaboration is also likely to improve their lobbying capacity vis-à-vis the Government, and their participation in policy dialogue and decision-making processes.
Activities under the Legal Framework:
  • A Consultative Workshop held on 12th -13th August, 2009 at the ICCS, Victoria, Seychelles. The workshop brought together stakeholders from both NSAs and Government departments to engage in a dialogue on international best practices relating to laws affecting NSAs, analyse the relevant existing Seychellois laws in the light of the best practices, and identify needful changes to the existing laws. The workshop also permitted participants to share opinions and suggestions regarding the Seychelles country situation and implementation by focusing on issues as fieldwork methodology, indicators and Legal suggestions which could strengthen the participation of non-state actors in policy dialogue and decision-making in Seychelles.
  • A two-day validation workshop will take place on the 30th September – 1st October to review the exiting and the proposed legislations, Association Act that covers the operation of NGOs, Civil Society Organisations.  Following which the expert consultant, Mr. Iheme and his team to draft the final Bill to be presented by the local consultant, Mr. Athanasius, to the Cabinet, the Attorney General Office and to the National Assembly. 

Downloadable documents relevant to the workshop

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