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Pointe Larue primary school celebrates the value of love

Launches its first value for the month


Pointe Larue primary school celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday by launching its first value for the month which is ‘Love’.

A special assembly was held yesterday morning in the school compound, with pupils from crèche and special guest, Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (Ceps) chief executive Alvin Laurence.

The event started with some words of reflection followed by performances of songs by the pupils from crèche to Primary 6 class and the school choir.

The special assembly formed part of the school’s strategic plan for the year to promote different values. 

The head teacher, Mirena Medor, said they have chosen February 14, which is Valentine’s Day, to launch their first value of love.

“We found it more ideal to launch the value of love on the day of love, and a committee at school helped in realising this activity,” she said.

Miss Medor said the special assembly will continue with other activities throughout the week to implement the value, with the help of Mr Laurence.

“We will continue to elaborate on the theme of love on different class levels whereby Mr Laurence will pass by different classes to talk a bit about the importance of love within our lives, to the students,” said the head teacher.

Teachers from the school, especially in their Personal and Social Education classes will be putting more emphasis on the value. The school also has a board called ‘Value Board’ where the students’ work, including artwork, will be displayed on a monthly basis, with all the values they launch.

Meanwhile, Miss Medor said although crèche pupils might have a different understanding or have not yet fully grasped the concept of love, involving them in this event is a good foundation, as they are introduced and educated on the values which they can eventually incorporate into their daily lives.

“However we are not only putting importance on this value only during this month but we are going to promote all throughout the year. With love you can develop other values in life such as responsibility, tolerance and respect,” she concluded.

Despite the rain, the assembly went ahead as planned and the children and staff of the school were in the love spirit, while the school choir sang ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley, as they danced and sang along.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the activity.

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Pointe Larue primary school celebrates the value of love
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