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Women entrepreneurs attend capacity building training

Fourteen (14) women entrepreneurs have followed a two-day capacity building training hosted by the Seychelles Chapter of the Comesa Federation of this is a test Women in Business (COMFWB).

The two-day theory training led by L’entreprendre Au Féminin Océan Indien Seychelles (EFOIS) in partnership with the Seychelles Chapter of the COMFWB, was held at the Roche Caiman community centre from Thursday September 30, 2021 to late yesterday afternoon.

The participants were a mix of women who are either already in business or venturing into business.

The training covered elements such as how to open a business, identifying business opportunities, understanding target markets for promotions and sales, preparing a business plan, using innovation in business and understanding how to manage operational costs, among others.

It was geared towards aiding the women achieve self-empowerment, development and growth.

The two-day training sessions were led by business consultants Benjamin Vel and Germaine Michaud.

Topics covered include recognising business opportunities, conducting market studies (understanding demographics & psychographics), understanding your targeted markets (needs, wants, desires, emotions that trigger buying and sales), marketing – selling meaningful and memorable experiences to your customers, essentials of business finance management – required documents for a business, operational costs and innovation and rejuvenation of products / services, among others.

In closing the training session, the chairman of the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (Ceps), Alvin Laurence, called on the women entrepreneurs to not sit down or feel trapped in corner in fear of big entrepreneurs but to strive to make sure that their products make it beyond our country’s frontier and to target the international market.

He noted that it was why the training focused on marketing strategy, raising quality, innovation and rebranding and to consolidate as a group to move forward.

He stated that the world market is not reserved for those with capital but to all who want to do business.

He said that the civil society, especially associations with an eye on business, will help them accomplish their set objectives.

He told them to rest assured that the international market is eagerly waiting for their products.

A participant in the training, Nathalie Didon, who is considering of venturing in rental business, said that apart from learning how to plan or market a business among other tools needed to run a business, she was happy to have also learned about the importance of networking among businesses.

Marie-Chrystel Bastienne, who runs a small tailoring business in her home at Petit Barbarons, said that she joined the training to learn more on how to run a business, especially with regard to planning and running a business, something she is proud to have learned more about.

She added that she would like to run her own business but her only challenge is funding and a place to conduct her business and to sell her products if she is to focus on the international market.

The practical part of the training session will continue with the same group for three days from October 14, 2021.

The training falls under the National Grant Funding provided by government through the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade. It is geared towards realisation of projects in line with the country’s national priorities and its achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Non-profit organisations also benefit if they have relevant projects.

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Women entrepreneurs attend capacity building training
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