07th September 2015

CEPS welcomes Mr Jonathan Ledgard as part of its Baie Ternay Complementary Project.

As part of the Baie Ternay Complementary Project, currently being undertaken by the platform for civil Society, a leading thinker has been brought in to support the platform’s initiative. The thinker in question is Mr. Jonathan Ledgard, a leading thinker on political risks, nature and technology in emerging markets, and a long-time East Africa correspondent for the Economist. Mr. Ledgard is spending three days meeting with CEPS members and stakeholders with the aim of shedding light on the importance of developing the site in a way that guaranties the preservation of its rich biodiversity preserving.

The contributions of Dr Ledgard will be included into the final proposal for the project. During his visit will include visiting Baie Ternay and understanding the history and biodiversity of the area through a session with the consultants working on the project. Mr. Ledgard will also be meeting with representatives from the University of Seychelles as as with Government officials. During his visit, Mr Ledgard is also scheduled to hold a Resource mobilization Seminar for CEPS members and stakeholders.

The project steering committee has described his visit as an opportunity to develop Baie Ternay’s financial mechanisms; eco-tourism aspects – particularly as a meeting place for the high-level academics and politicians- as well as developing the networking and partnership.

Mr. Ledgard