19th June 2015

Representatives from the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles have today met with Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) based on Praslin.

CEPS Programmes & Events Manager Mr. Michel Pierre along with Communication & Membership Manager Ms Tessa Henderson met five organisations namely ‘Friends of Vallee de Mai’,’Seychelles Fishers Association’, ‘Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles’, ‘Baie St Anne Farmers Association’ and the Praslin members of the Seychelles Farmers Association (SeyFa).

Through all five meetings, the CEPS managers have re established the relationship that had existed since the time of the Liaison Unit for Non-Governmental Organisation (LUNGOS) and created new links under CEPS. The meetings also provided opportunities for the CEPS representatives to understand the works currently being carried out by the five CSOs and the issues they are currently facing. During the meetings, CEPS Communication & Membership Manager renewed two memberships and have scheduled to sign up a new member to the platform.

During the meeting with ‘Friends of Valle de Mai’, its representative Mrs Maria Brioche said that they are still in the process of putting their Constitution together for registration with the office of the Registrar of Seychelles. The CEPS representatives have offered to assist them in that process.

CEPS Programmes & Events Manager have expressed satisfaction following the meetings saying that they have come at a good time, now that CEPS is establishing itself as the platform for civil society in Seychelles. “Cementing relationship with civil society organisations is key to the work we are doing, be it accredited members and non-members. We need to understand the work they are doing and identify how best we can assist.”

Also during today’s visit, the two CEPS Managers, have met with groups of volunteers who wish to form associations but who does not have the capacity to do so. Through the meetings they have been informed of the process and how CEPS can assist them and also about the benefits of registering with CEPS.

The CEPS representatives will be on Praslin for the next two days as they are showcasing CEPS at the ‘Zil Pros an Mouvman’ event taking place on Praslin.