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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

CEPS present Action/2015 outcomes to the Minister of Finance, Trade & the Blue Economy.


10 June 2015

                     CEPS present Action/2015 outcomes to the Minister of Finance, Trade & the Blue Economy.

Recommendations received from Civil Society Organizations on Sustainable development goals (SDG) for Seychelles, have yesterday been presented to the Minister of Finance, Trade & the Blue Economy, Mr Jean-Paul Adam.




The delegation from the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles was led by CEPS Chairperson Mr Jules Hoareau and was accompanied by the member of the Global Action Team for Africa and Faith Action Team Co-Chair Mrs Homa Mungapen. The meeting follows the Action/2015 Consultative Forum which was held on 22 May, where members of various civil society organisations put forward proposals that would benefit areas which deals with poverty, HIV/Aids, gender and the environment.



The group presented outcomes of the forum to the Minister ahead of the international conference on Financing for Development due to take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this coming July.

Recommendations presented to the Minister include:

–           Quality Education (free State primary and secondary education, with free access to books, Internet services for some older students and pedagogic school materials)

–           Quality Health service (free primary health care, with distribution of state health facilities in most villages and regional health centers)

–           Shelter for Women and Children (victims of domestic violence)

–           Poverty Alleviation (Poverty exist in Seychelles, it is mainly due to use of Drug and Alcohol)

–           Fight against Drugs (Strengthen the structure to fight Drugs)

–           Environment Conservation (Educate citizens on the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)


Minister Adam welcomed this move by the platform for civil society. The Minister stated that the meeting comes at a time when his ministry is welcoming various stakeholders, including civil society to hold dialogues on the national budget. Civil society is being encouraged to discuss the principles of the national budget and debate of budgetary priorities, whilst at the same time forecasting for the years to come.


Mrs Mungapen explained that “Civil society is acting as the bridge between citizens and organisations working at grass root level and the Government. Under the Action/2015 campaign, CEPS is acting as the facilitator.”


The CEPS Action/2015 team which regroups four of CEPS Commissions, namely Faith Based, Youth, Culture & Sports, Gender, Rights & Governance, Education, Social & Health as well the Environment and Natural resources Commission have come together to organise activities under the campaign umbrella. The named commissions have various activities lined up, up until December of this year.


Action/2015 is a global citizens’ movement calling for pivotal change in 2015 for the future of people and the planet. Action/2015 is comprised of 1300+ organizations and coalitions from over 140 countries. Action/2015’s success could lead to transformative outcomes, such as:


  • An end to poverty in all its forms and development and economic systems that benefit everyone – not only the few.
  • An end to the soaring levels of inequalities and discrimination which destroy the lives of many, especially women and girls.
  • Ensuring that everyone’s fundamental rights are met and realized, including access to nutritious food, clean water, essential services and decent employment
  • An accelerated transition to 100% renewable energy so that a safe climate and sustainable economy – with all its benefits for people and planet – is possible.
  • A world where everyone can participate and hold their leaders accountable.


Action/2015 was launched in Seychelles in January this year and CEPS envision a transformational shift that ensures gender justice and enables everyone to live their lives in dignity, free from hunger and from the fear of violence, oppression, discrimination or injustice in a way that protects the planetary systems required for survival of life on earth.

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CEPS present Action/2015 outcomes to the Minister of Finance, Trade & the Blue Economy.
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