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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

CEPS Cap Ternay Steering group meets with Seychelles Government Ministerial Representatives

Tuesday 07th of April 2015

A delegation comprising of a steering group from the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (CEPS) met with Seychelles Government Ministerial Representatives on Tuesday 07th of April.The meeting was to discuss alternative visions for Cap Ternay.

Present for the meeting were Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change – Mr Didier Dogley, Minister of Finance, Trade & The Blue Economy – Mr. Jean-Paul Adam and the representative from the Ministry of Land-Use & Housing – Land Use Policy Officer – Ms Angeline Servina.

CEPS requested the meeting with relevant ministries to discuss the platform’s proposal for an alternative vision for Cap Ternay, following the Government’s decision to halt plans for a hotel development on the site, within the remit of the EIA process.
The head of the delegation for CEPS and commissioner for Environemnt and Natural Resources , Dr Marie-Therese Purvis outline civil society’s alternative vision for Cap Ternay, namely the need to preserve the site, whilst also adding value to it, by turning it into a sanctuary or conservation site. She pointed out that the main issue was how best to bring this about. She also explained that as part of its campaign to preserve the site, CEPS has secured some funding to spend on developing the alternative project.


Minister Adam informed the delegation that civil society is not the only party wishing to propose alternative ideas; the Seychelles Government and University of Seychelles also have interests in developing the site for educational, community and research purposes, including youth sensitization activities merging with both the camp element and research.


In his intervention, Minister Didier Dogley stated that there are currently a few organisations working on the site, including GVI and SMPA, conducting research work; and that government would like to further encourage the involvement of environment NGO’s, as well as with other parties, bearing in mind the value of the flora and fauna of the land and marsh, the marine park and the area of Cap Matoupa which rises up into the Morne Seychellois National Park.


It was concluded that CEPS draft a concept note on the alternative proposal being made. The land use plan for the area is already being drafted by the Government. Therefore the CEPS proposal could then be viewed alongside the one being put forward by UniSey and the Ministry of Land-Use & Housing.

CEPS has already invited members of civil society to submit their ideas, contributing towards the alternative vision that is to be proposed to Government.

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CEPS Cap Ternay Steering group meets with Seychelles Government Ministerial Representatives
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