First IMF meeting with CEPS for 2015

19th March 2015

CEPS representatives met with the IMF delegation currently in Seychelles for the Article IV consultation process, as part of their medium term review mission. The delegation, lead by Mr. Marshall Mills met with Board members of CEPS as well as with managers within the secretariat.

The Article IV consultation process involves holding meetings with the various stakeholders in member countries. A report is then drafted and presented to the IMF’s Executive Board and eventual views that is shared to the member country.IMF delegations have always included civil society when meeting with stakeholders in Seychelles. Discussions evolved around the economic impact on civil society organizations, civil society’s outlook and other concerns of the platform. The delegation from CEPS introduced the new platform for civil society in Seychelles and the new work approach that is currently being implemented as part of the transition process from a unit of non-governmental organizations. The platform has also invited IMF to work closely with the platform, with the aim of strengthening ties and communication links. Accompanying the IMF delegation was a representative for the African Development Bank, who is in the country to work with the Government on creating more transparency within the public sector and efficiency on the part of the Government itself. Through the meeting CEPS has pointed out that the platform is ready to engage with the Finance and Public Accounts Committee of the Seychelles National Assembly as part of the budgeting process. CEPS has also shared that as the platform, it is getting a lot of opportunities to put points forward with Government on matters of national development, these are currently being done through the Consultative Forum and other Board representation. CEPS Board Member Dr Marie-Therese Purvis presented Mr Mills with the CEPS governing documents and CEPS Project & Events Manager Mr Michel Pierre presented a copy of the Economic Social Reform Programme Report of 2013-2014.

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First IMF meeting with CEPS for 2015
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