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A new beginning thanks to technology

26th November 2014

Les Li Viv

A new beginning thanks to technology

14 young teenage mothers were presented with certificates for completing a short course in basic Microsoft Word and Excel last Friday. The ceremony took place at the premises of Les Li Viv at Deepam cinema.



Local pro-life organisation Les Li Viv made a difference in the lives of 14 young teenage mothers who were taken in charge and sponsored for a course on Information Technology (IT) programme. The course is affiliated to the Computer and Additional Learning Centre.



In the statement to TODAY, Les Li Viv chairperson Florence Memee said: “We started an Information Technology (IT) programme in February and received donation of computers from the President’s office. However, it was a struggle to find an IT trainer but we managed to get assistance from the Catholic Church Diocese of Port Victoria. The diocese IT trainer came once a week to teach the girls basic computing. It was bit difficult. Finally, the staff of Central Bank of Seychelles came forward to sponsor two of our girls to get enrolled at the Computing and Additional Learning Centre. This opened doors for other girls as we were able to partner with the centre.”



She went on to say that two groups of girls have gone through this programme. “We have had 27 girls who have undergone this programme. The first group started their course in April and the second one in August. The girls showed a great interest in acquiring knowledge in computing but some had to discontinue due to confinement,” said Ms. Memee.



“We have successfully changed the lives of 14 young teenage mothers, out of which five excelled in their courses with a distinction. It is a great moment in their lives to receive a certificate as it will take them to the next level,” added Ms. Memee.
The five candidates who acquired a distinction were Jamila Sinon, Santrinah Sinon, Steffi Adeline, Catherine Sinon and Carol Surman.
Congratulating the girls, Florence Memee told them that practice makes perfect and asked them to take this acquired knowledge very seriously.



“It is the sponsor’s hard earned money that our organisation uses, to help you, so one must show appreciation and do well to achieve success in life,” she reminded them.



Derek Julius, IT tutor from Computing and Additional Learning Centre handed over the certificates to the young teenage mothers.
The short ceremony was attended by Barclays bank representatives, Eline Moses and Helda Antoine as well as the staff and management of Les Li Viv.
In September 2013, Les Li Viv initiated this new programme to start a new initiative of teaching information technology to young teenage mothers in order to make them financially independent.



Inception of Les Li Viv
Created in 1992, Les Li Viv is a non-profit pro-life organisation that has been operating since March 1993. The organisation has saved over 2000 lives with its aim of upholding respect and value for human life.



The main mission of Les Li Viv is to help teenage mothers with their pregnancy and to see life beyond. The team helps them go back to school or seek employment for themselves.
Les Li Viv is affiliated to the Catholic Church; it has been successful of saving the newborns and finds a new direction to the single teenage mothers.



Gemma Barbier was the founding and former chairperson of Les Li Viv. Under her leadership the organisation has always offered sewing as the main skillful profession to the young girls.
Father Loni Adrienne is the chaplain and sits together with 15 members on the committee.
At the centre, they also teach Mathematics and English as well as career guidance. The girls also learn baking and working with dried flowers.



Most of the girls get an allowance and a meal as part of the programme.
The organisation is located at the La Salle d’ Oeuvres building inside the premises of Deepam Cinema.

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A new beginning thanks to technology
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