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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

LUNGOS meets with President of the Republic

14 October 2014

President James Michel has today met with a delegation from LUNGOS which included LUNGOS Chairperson Mrs Marie-Nella Azemia, CEO – Mr. Steve Lalande and Board Member – Mr. Jude Fred.The meeting took place at 11.30 am this morning at State house Head of State, President James Michel at State House.

From Left to Right – CEO of LUNGOS Mr Steve Lalande, LUNGOS Chairperson Mrs Marie-Nella Azemia, President James Michel and LUNGOS Faith Based Commisssioner Mr Jude Fred.

LUNGOS requested a meeting with the President to discuss the following points:


  • LUNGOS 25th year Anniversary and Transition to CEPS
  • MOU with Government
  • CEPS 2015 budget
  • Civil society building
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Representation on Boards and Committees – Human Rights Commission, SBC


The Chairperson briefly gave an overview of the work of LUNGOS over the past 25 years and briefed the President on the transformation processes relating to the establishment of CEPS.

The President acknowledged the concepts of inclusivity participation and ownership which characterises the work of LUNGOS in policy engagement.

The delegation briefed the President about the work of LUNGOS vis-a-vis human rights and democracy, and the need for the Human Rights Commission to have representation from civil society as has been advocated by various development partners and also based on the 2011 UPR pledges by Government.

LUNGOS Chairperson Mrs Marie-Nella Azemia in discussion with President James Michel.

The President expressed his appreciation for the contribution of the LUNGOS Representative on the High Level Forum. Seychelles Civil society is represented on the committee by LUNGOS Faith Based Commissioner, Mr Jude Fred.

The President thanked LUNGOS for the work it is doing for Seychelles. He expressed acknowledgement that the work of LUNGOS is in the interest of the citizens of Seychelles.

The President further acknowledged that many projects and programmes being implemented by Government should be taken up by civil society albeit through Government facilitation in terms of resources. He expressed his recognition that despite the challenges, CSOs are working hard for Seychelles and therefore merits his support. The meeting ended on a positive and encouraging note.




LUNGOS meets with President of the Republic

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