Sustainability for Seychelles


Seychelles Civil Society Member

Sustainability for Seychelles

Date Founded: Jun 2013

Tel: +248 422 4072
E-mail: [email protected]
Focal Person: Dr Michele Martin Category: Environment & Natural Resources Commission 
To work towards social, ecological, economic and technological sustainability, and to inspire, inform and enable people to live, work and play in ways that benefit human and natural communities.
  1. Create partnerships with government, parastatals, the private sector and NGO’s to promote sustainable practices
  2. Develop education and training programmes for more sustainable lifestyles
  3. Inspire people to adopt sustainable lifestyles via success stories and best practices demonstrations
  4. Promote renewable energy technologies and the efficient use of energy
  5. Promote use of appropriate technology to mitigate greenhouse gases
  6. Engage in research that promotes social and ecological sustainability in Seychelles and other island states


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Sustainability for Seychelles

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