Facilities & Services

CEPS is equipped with a range of facilities including meeting and conference room. The rooms are equipped with audiovisual aid such as white board, projectors and screens.  Accredited Members have access to internet and administrative support services. It is wise for NGOs to familiarise themselves with these facilities and services in order to gain the most from CEPS membership. Current facilities include:
Photocopy & Printing (Black and white only)
Paper provided by CEPS
Paper NOT provided by CEPS)
R2 per A4 one-sided
R3 per A4 double-sided
R1.50 per A4 one-sided
R2.50 per A4 double-sided
Colour Printing
(A4 only)
R10 per Full Page (e.g. photos)
R8 per certificate
R5 per letterhead
Computer Use & Internet
R10 per 15minutes
R30 for 1 hour
R10 per A4 – If plastic provided by LUNGOS otherwise R5
R10 per A4 page
Fax (per page)
Telephone Use
Meeting Room with seating capacity of 15-20 people. (inclusive of white board only)
Conference Room with seating capacity of maximum 60 people.
(inclusive of Laptop, LCD Projector, white board )
For NGOs
R50 per meeting up to 2hrs
For Public
R250 per meeting up to 2hrs
For NGOs
Hourly Rate
Half Day
One Full Day
Three Days and more
R900 per day
For Public
Hourly Rate
Half Day
One Full Day
Three Days and more
R1,800 per day
R500 per day
R700 per day
R200 per day
R400 per day
Rental of Equipment
In addition to administrative support services, CEPS also has equipment at the disposal of accredited Members.
Item Description
LCD projector and screen
R300 full day or R150 per meeting – (internal use only)
LCD projector and screen
R400 full day or R250 per meeting – (internal use only)
Screen only (external use by NGO Members only)
Whiteboard (external use by NGO Members only)
PA system (microphone, speakers)
R700 inclusive of setting up fee

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