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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

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Sample of All FAQs (Helpie FAQ)

  • What is CEPS?
    The Citizens Engagement Platform of Seychelles (CEPS) is recognized as the national platform for NGOs in Seychelles. The platform is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), hence, legally registered as an association. It networks with over 72 civil society organizations (CSO) in the Seychelles.
  • How does CEPS operate?
    At CEPS, we provide a collaborative and networking platform for CSOs in Seychelles, thus fulfilling our vision of; “Citizens are fully engaged in the development of Seychelles”. We are governed by a Board of Directors, we provide operational services through Secretariat staff and we provide support to the civil society through Thematic Commissions.
  • What services does CEPS offer?
    • Accreditation services.
    • Civil Society database systems.
    • Networking services.
    • Technical advisory services
    • Collaboration platform.
  • How is CEPS funded?

    We are non-profit association, with 3 main sources of funding. The government imparts an administrative grant, donors may fund some specific programs, of which NGOs are the principal beneficiaries and we collect funds from member subscriptions.

  • How often is CEPS AGM?

    We hold an AGM, once per year. The meeting is for accredited members of CEPS. Yet, if you are a non- member wishing to attend the meeting, you can make a request to the CEO and join as an observer.   

  • What are the benefits of being accredited to CEPS?
    • Local and international networking
    • Receiving various forms of pertinent, timely and opportunistic information,
    • Receiving accreditation from a recognized organization,
    • Various capacity building opportunities
    • Working in collaboration with other organizations.
    • CEPS is the focal point and recognized representative of CSOs operating in Seychelles. Being an accredited member of CEPS adds to your association’s legitimacy.
  • Are there any obligations as an accredited member?

    CEPS promotes high standards and benchmarks, which are essential for Civil Society. Members must annually provide a copy of their audited accounts, AGM minutes and list of members.

  • What is required to renew membership?

    This is an annual process with a processing fee of R300.

  • In what circumstance is a membership suspended/deregistered?

    If any membership fees are overdue for 12 months, the member shall be suspended. If payment is not made for 2 years or more, the member shall be deregistered.

  • What are the necessary documents for renewal of membership?
    • Certified copy of NGO constitution
    • List of members (name, email, phone number)
    • Copy of audited accounts
    • Acknowledgement letter from the Office of the Registrar
    • The CEPS Membership renewal fee of R300
  • Who is allowed to vote at the AGM election?

    All CSOs accredited to CEPS and having a good standing with its membership particulars can vote at the AGM.

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