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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

New CEO for the Seychelles Civil Society Platform

03rd March 2016

New CEO for the Seychelles Civil Society Platform.

Mr. Marcel Rosalie has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles, CEPS. Being an active member of various civil society organizations since 1996, Mr. Rosalie joins CEPS, fifteen months since its inception as the platform for civil society in Seychelles.

Mr. Rosalie was previously the Director General for Culture at Ministry of Tourism and Culture, a post he has held for almost seven years.

Mr. Rosalie steps in at a point when the organization is gearing up to reach out to the wider civil society in Seychelles, and further establish itself as the civil society platform in the country.

CEPS will soon be conducting a civil society survey that aims to improve its database of civil society organizations registered in the country. As part of the survey, CEPS will use the information provided to identify the current contributions being made by nonprofit organizations and the sectors of intervention. Through this collective intelligence, CEPS is hoping to strengthen two of the platform’s main objectives which are, to act as a representative of civil society organizations and to actively promote the civil society as a strong pillar in national and international development.

Currently CEPS has a total of 58 civil society organisations as members and the membership are regrouped into seven thematic areas. As the platform for civil society, CEPS regroups not only non-governmental organizations (NGOs) but also community groups, labour unions, sports associations, charitable organizations, faith-based organizations, professional associations, and foundations.

The work of CEPS is led by a Board, elected by the membership. Mr. Rosalie leads the CEPS secretariate comprising of five staff members who undertake the day to day management and operations of CEPS. The organisation’s work is guided by its strategic plan 2014 – 2017.

Mr. Rosalie’s appointment took effect on the 01st of March 2016.

Mr. Rosalie


New CEO for the Seychelles Civil Society Platform
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