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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

Seychelles Civil Society Platform holds Governance Training

04th March 2016

Seychelles Civil Society Platform holds Governance Training.

The Citizens Engagement has embarked on a series of trainings for 2016. Civil society organisations take on watch dog roles and advocate for rights and good governance practices. As registered civil society bodies, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) also have to maintain these practices. Twelve organisations are benefiting from this training as well as the staff of the CEPS Secretariate who in turn work with the CSOs.

The first training on Governance, was launched by the CEPS Commissioner for Gender & Governance, Monica Servina. Speaking at the launching the commissioner shared that “The knowledge about governance you will gain in this training will not only help yourselves but also you organisation and CEPS as a platform. This governance training will help you to improve the functions of your organisations and in turn this will help CEPS. As long as we have good governance we will have transparency.”

The two day training session is being facilitated by consultant, Mrs. Barbara Carolus-Andre. Participants have so far identified issues with of governance in their individual organisations and have had the opportunity to share best practices that are enabling them to move forward as a collective.

The interactive sessions have touched on the principles of good governance. This session was an eye opener as most participants were able to identify that a lot of their management practices are in fact in line with good governance. Weaknesses were also identified and guidance given at what level in the organisation should the corrective measures be taken.

The sessions are also looking at planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation. Such practices are being discussed as they are processes that, if practiced efficiently will allow organisations to become result oriented, in line with the aims and objectives set out by their organisation Constitution. The training is also covering aspects of reporting as that in itself pave the way for transparency.

The trainings to be undertaken in 2016 have partly been sponsored through Corporate Responsibility Tax contributions made by three different companies, namely Throwbathy Store, Kerai Construction and Winma Trading to whom CEPS is very grateful.

The CEPS Programmes and Event Manager, Michel Pierre has said that “The Fundamental to effective governance is the ability of individual member of an Executive Committee to work together to accomplish a balance between strategic and operational responsibilities. Effective governance occurs when an Executive Committee is able to provide guidance to management in strategic issues and is effective in overseeing management implementation of the strategic plan goals and initiatives. I am hoping that the knowledge learned is put into good practice for the betterment of the civil society sector. CEPS will provide support through continuous monitoring and evaluation sessions ensuring that CSO are on the right track with regards to good governance principles”

Participants in the workshop felt very satisfied with the content and how the workshop was ran. They feel very much empowered to improve the performance of their respective organisations in as far as good governance is concerned. The next training is scheduled to take place in before the end of June 2016 and it will be on a quarterly basis.

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Seychelles Civil Society Platform holds Governance Training
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