Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

The Nurses Association Seychelles (NARS) AGM

29th January 2016

On Friday the 29th January 2016 the Nurses Association Seychelles (NARS) which falls under CEPS Professional Association had its AGM. A new executive committee has been elected, for a mandate of 2 years. The office bearers are as follows:
President: Ms.Rosie Bistoquet
Secretary: Ms.Marie Helen Mills
Treasurer: Mr.Greg Vadivelo

The Committee members elected are:
Mrs. Monica Servina
Miss. Peggy Azemia
Miss.Beryl Valentin
Ms.Georgette Furneau
Ms.Anselmine Cafrine
Ms.Marie Jenny Camille
Mrs.Noella Mellie
Mrs.Denise Mathiot
Mrs.Jeanine Marimba

CEPS looks forward to working with the newly elected committee and wish NARS the very best for 2016

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The Nurses Association Seychelles (NARS) AGM
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