First Members Meeting For 2016

26th January 2016

CEPS has today conducted its first member’s meeting for the year. Chairpersons of member associations attended the meeting held at CEPS headquarters at Orion Mall.

The meeting was chaired by CEPS Chairperson Mr Jules Hoareau in the presence of other CEPS Board members. Following a brief review of activities held in 2015, the CEPS Chairman informed members that the year has brought new opportunities for the civil society sector. The first has come in the form of Government assistance which is going to be made available for civil society organisations, in the form of a special fund. Further to this, as the platform for civil society, CEPS will also be launching the CEPS’ projects account, which will be done in February as part of the platform’s first social event for members.

Mrs Kathy Fox, the U.S Embassy’s Public Affairs officer, participated in the meeting and spoke of the various funding opportunities that the U.S embassy based in Mauritius is making available for civil society organisations in Seychelles. These include the Ambassadors Self Help Programme for grassroot, the Civic Engagement Grant and the Democracy fund which are available periodically.
Members present also learnt of the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative and the opportunities available to young people in Seychelles.


Chairpersons present were keen to learn of the various benefits being made available to their organisations this year, along with the CEPS programme for 2016.

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First Members Meeting For 2016
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