World Consumer Rights Day

15th of March 2015

 World Consumer Rights Day. To commemorate this occasion, the ‘National Consumer Forum’ (NATCOF) is today organising an exhibition under the theme “Consumers’ Rights to Healthy Food”

In her speech the Chairperson of NATCOF Mrs Raymonde Course explained that not only does NATCOF promote the interest of consumers, but that it also promotes the availability of healthy products.

The Minister for Health, Mrs Mitcy Larue, also spoke of the need for citizens to consume healthy products as it in line with promoting a healthy lifestyle, especially for 2015 when the Ministry is promoting the ‘Lasante Nou Nasyon, Mon Lasante, Mon Responsabilite’ campaign.

NATCOF has invited its stakeholders to participate in the exhibition, therefore there are quite a variety of items to see and different information being disseminated. Some items are for sale, some are for show…and some have been sampled for tasting.

The Exhibition was launched at 10.00 am this morning and is taking place in the lobby of the Orion Mall Complex, Victoria. The exhibition will be opened until 3pm today.


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World Consumer Rights Day
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