13th march 2015

CEPS Conference room welcomed over 20 youths this afternoon, as part of a half day workshop on WORK ETHICS & TIPS ON INTERVIEW. The workshop is the last part of the project “Earn While You Learn” launched in April 2014 by the association Light Amidst My Path (LAMP) in collaboration with Barclays Bank.

CEPS Chairperson Mr Jules Hoareau launched the workshop and explained to those present that a lot of people pay to learn the skills being taught for free at this particular workshop, and that the youths should take on maximum information possible. The head of corporate affairs at Barclays, Colleen Morel explained why such a project falls under Barclay’s Bank’s corporate responsibility prgramme and why it is vital that young people benefit from the projects supported by Barlcays. “You are the future workforce”, she said, “so it is essential that we help you acquire the necessary skills that will then help you get yourselves a good job and help in the development of the country as a whole”.

Youths who attended the workshop came from post secondary schools, civil society organisations and LAMP members themselves.

LAMP Chairperson Mrs Lucianne Sofola has said that she is very happy with the turn out and hopes that the youths put the skills they have acquired to good use when applying for jobs.


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