25th February 2015

CEPS has this morning welcomed two consultants from the Indian Ocean Commission. Mr Gianmarco Agostini and Mr Francisco Javier Ortizde Zuniga who are working Islands project, are in the process of identifying a pilot project which could tentatively be defined as “Tourism Payment for Ecosystem Services for Coral Reef protection and restoration”. In its implementation, the project will provide practical elements to finalize a comprehensive approach to the use of innovative funding mechanisms for Sustainable Development in Seychelles.

In this morning’s meeting the delegation met with the vice chairperson of CEPS Mr Jude Fred, CEPS Admin Manager Mrs Rose-Mary Dogley, CEPS Communication Manager Ms Tessa Henderson and the Secretary of the Plant Conservation Action Group, Katy Beaver.

The two consultants have been meeting with various implementing partners in this project, CEPS being one with members. CEPS has been identified as the platform has our close ties with local communities and commitment to sustainable development. The project is promoting responsible tourism, a concept welcomed by those present.

CEPS has shown great interest in the pilot project and will be meeting with the consultants before their departure.


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