Sustainability for Seychelles Launched a National Competition

9th January 2015


During the 2nd week of October, 2014, Sustainability for Seychelles launched a national competition to find the most practical, durable and innovative compost recipient. As a result of not having enough participants, S4S has decided to extend the deadline of the competition to Saturday 31st of January, and is cordially inviting you and your institution to participate. the competition is part of a wider campaign to promote sustainable waste management in Seychelles, a project S4S is implementing in partnership with GEF/SGP.

Please find attached the promotional poster for the competition, and the registration form that needs to accompany each recipient.

Every person in Seychelles can participate, either as an individual, or as part of a duo, or a group (a class, a company, an institution). All institutions can participate: parastatal, governmental, private, civil society…everyone

Prizes include certificates and one chili plant for each participant….and interesting prize bundles for the first, second and third prizes (cash + fruit trees + garden tools/accessories)

Please contact Sustainability for Seychelles on 275-0052/422-4072 at your latest to register. Their office is based at Arpent Vert, Mont Fleuri.

Spread the word…and good luck!!

Sustainability for Seychelles Launched a National Competition
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