Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

Meeting with the Seychelles Commissioner of Police

1 December 2016


Representatives of the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles met with the Seychelles Commissioner of Police last week, to discuss opportunities of collaboration and support.
The meeting has come following various forums held, whereby CEPS members have discussed matters that are linked to human rights, law and order as well as the level of criminality linked to substance abuse. The platform members have on various occasions invited members of the police force to attend talks as well as training sessions, whereby their contributions have been found to be valuable.




As part of the discussions, CEPS Chairman Mr. Jules Hoareau touched on these issues and expressed that civil society can work with the Seychelles Police in the hope of strengthening the ties that currently exist. Mr. Hoareau also touched on the opportunities on offer from the civil society sector, especially the forums that are organized, along with capacity building training on various subjects, including human rights. Mr. Hoareau expressed that “By including the police in these training, the benefits will be for both parties. The police will have trained officers, who in turn can use the skills when working with citizens.”


This is the Commissioner’s first meeting with the platform, since his appointment. Commissioner Elisabeth has welcomed the renewed partnership. When talking about the issue of mistrust that exists between the public and the police, he expressed that this partnership will create more opportunity for education and collaboration through which the trust can be built upon. Following the meeting he has expressed that through this positive move, the two parties will be working together in many areas.


With the aim of strengthening this relationship, the Commissioner of Police Mr. Reginald Elisabeth has officially appointed Chief Superintendent Philip Cecile as the police liaison officer to CEPS.
C.S.P Cecil is familiar with the works of civil society as he was the liaison for CEPS’ predecessor, the Liaison Unit for Non-Governmental Organization Seychelles (LUNGOS).C.S.P Cecile has met with the CEPS CEO and will in the months to come be a familiar face to the platform members.

Meeting with the Seychelles Commissioner of Police
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