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09th July 2016

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Lucianne Sofola

Lucianne Sofola is the new member of the CEPS Credentials Committee. Mrs. Sofola is the Chairperson of the Association for Rights Information and Democracy (ARID) and is a member of Light Amidst My Path (LAMP).

Mrs Sofola is a trained Election Observer and has observed elections locally and internationally.
She is currently the secretary of the Education, Health & Social Commission of CEPS
She offers freelance Administrative services, an area where she has built years of experience.

Her interests are strongly on election observation-both National and International. As a sports enthusiast, she enjoys karate, rugby.
In her spare time she likes baking and cooking, as well as reading books on spirituality.
Mrs Sofola is happy to have joined the Credentials Committee accepted the challenge, as she is committed to help the team with the work as per CEPS goals and objectives.

Lucianne Sofola

Profile Lucianne Sofola
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