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Success for the ‘CSO’s supporting the HIV/AIDS Test and Treat Campaign

28th August 2015

Success for the ‘CSO’s supporting the HIV/AIDS Test and Treat Campaign’.

Members of the Citizens Engagement Platform (CEPS) have successfully tested and treated a significant number of the Roche Caiman population against HIV/Aids.

Civil Society participated at the regional HIV/AIDS colloquium of 2014, where it pledged support towards the global HIV/AIDS campaign of “Getting to Zero” by 2030. To that effect on World AIDS Day 1st December 2014, pledges were made by civil society organization’s to support the Test and Treat campaign launched nationally by the National AIDS Council. As part of the pledge, members of the CEPS Social & Health Commission, decided to implement its own test and treat project entitled ‘CSO’s supporting the HIV/AIDS Test and Treat Campaign’.

The pilot project was officially launched by the Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, Minister Meriton in March of this year, with the main objective of raising awareness on HIV testing. The project also offered the opportunity for people to have their test within their own community, whilst also getting the opportunity to receive referral for treatments.

The project was conducted on Saturdays, going door to door, offering inhabitants the opportunity to get tested within the security of their homes. Additionally, a tent was set up in the centre of Roche Caiman District for the purpose of testing and analysis. The tent was also the location where individuals tested were able to collect their test results. The pilot project ended in May.

Following the pilot project’s success in Roche Caiman, the district of Ile Perseverance has been lined up for the project. The overall expected outcome of the project is to increase the number of people taking the test to know their HIV status and for appropriate steps to be taken for prevention and treatment.

There are 35 million people living with HIV today, and some 19 million of them do not know they have the virus. In Seychelles a significant proportion of the population do not know their status. Should they be HIV positive, they are losing the opportunity of accessing lifesaving medicine and health services.

The plan is to cover all the districts of Mahe and inner islands which include Praslin and La Digue. For this purpose, the support of the community is being sought as CEPS is seeking donation for a transport that can be converted into a mobile clinic. Those wishing to make such a donation can visit our office on second floor of Orion Mall, or call us on phone number is 4325552.

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Success for the ‘CSO’s supporting the HIV/AIDS Test and Treat Campaign
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