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International Youth Day Message by Commissioner Mr. Wavel Woodcock

12th August 2015

Youth Civic Engagement

Today is 12 August and it is International Youth day, in his opening remarks to commemorate the International Day of Youth, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated, “Emerging threats, violent extremism, shifting political conditions, economic turmoil and social transformations are combining to heighten the challenges facing the world’s young people. No one knows better than them the issues at stake or the best way to respond. That is why I am calling on young people to speak out and I am urging leaders to listen.”

Approximately 1.8 billion of the world population is made up of youth.
Youth are the pillars of our economy, they are the future of any nation, without youth there is no continuity, and there is no sustainability.

Mr. Ban Ki- Moon rightly said that world leaders need to listen and take into consideration the inputs of the young generation. Youth are vibrant, innovative, they are more receptive to change and they can adapt to the times and provide a touch of fresh air.
On the Occasion of the International youth day I wish all the youth of Seychelles a happy day and encourage them to continue to be involved in Nation building.

Now is the time for youth to come out and be engaged in all sectors of the society, never has the world been more open and accommodating to youth ideas, strength and abilities.
Youth you are the future, we are the future of the World. I urge all my young brothers and sister of Seychelles to become more involve in every aspect of life; in education, health, economy, social affairs, politics and other areas.

You have more potential and talents than you may realize, do not be afraid to showcase what you have, you might be the solution that the world is waiting for. In the word of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

The youth of the world have joined force in the Action 2015 campaign to rally and mobilize youth across the globe. This is the year the world leaders are setting global goals to end poverty, inequality and climate. It is down to us make sure those promises are kept. 2015 is a once in a generation opportunity, and as the largest population of young people in history we are the generation with the power to make sure the world keeps its word.
Youth arise and shine for your time has come to make an impact on a global scale.

Message from Wavel Woodcock
Youth, Culture & Sports Commissioner

Mr. Wavel Woodcock

International Youth Day Message by Commissioner Mr. Wavel Woodcock
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