Wednesday 15th April 2015

CEPS Faith Based Commission, under the guidance of Commissioner Christiane Vidot organised the first of a series of outreach programmes which aims to educate students on the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse.
The CEPS Social and Health Commissioner Mr. Ronny Arnephy partnered with the Faith Based Commission for this first programme.

The first programme was held at the Plaisance Secondary School.
Around 50 students attended the event and showed great interest in attending the programme. For this activity the Faith Based Commission has partnered with various stakeholders for this activity which include the Wellness Center and the Seychelles Inter-Faith Council Organisation (SIFCO).

Young people go to follow a series presentations from Dr. Lindsay from Wellness Center, a testimony made by a patient from Wellness Center Mr. Remsy, and a presentation made by Mr. Benjamin Vel.

The next programme will take place in the coming months at another secondary school.


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